Join in the fun at the 34 Things Blog Party! Also, a Giveaway!

Yesterday I was inspired by the Simple Scrapper’s blog post “34 Things I Want You to Know About Me“. Jennifer Wilson is sharing a portion of her list every Wednesday for the next month. She’s invited others to participate as well. So I rang the doorbell and she let me into the party.

I created my own list and added a few extra facts for good measure. I spread out my list across a 12×12 layout.

For over a year now I’ve been collecting the bottom strips of my scrapbook paper. You know, the ones that give the company and collection name? Sometimes they’re super cute and I can’t bring myself to throw them out. I challenged myself to use them in a layout.


I glued the strips down on a piece of plain white 12×12 paper. To cover up company/product information, I either covered  portions of the strips with the tags and stickers, or cut two strips into pieces and placed together in a line. Sometimes I purposely exposed the paper/collection names written on the strips, to enhance the layout (ex. Togetherness, Made with Love, Look over here).

Additionally, I used some wooden arrows, alphabet stickers, and a few embellishments. Some of my list is written right onto the paper strips. For the rest, I used a number of journal tags and stickers.  I used foam pop up dots behind the labels to give a bit of dimension to the layout. It’s hard to make a layout like this cohesive as there is just so much to visually take in. The arrows were necessary to help guide the eye around the page.

I have a plan to elaborate on the details of each item, in separate layouts. This layout will end up being a table of contents for that album.

Here is my layout and below it is my list:


My list of “39 facts about me” (because 34 Things just wasn’t enough):

  1. My favourite age was 4.
  2. I wanted to BE Annie.
  3. I met Mr. Dressup, my hero.
  4. I moved to Japan twice.
  5. I was a camp counsellor.
  6. I played piano, sorta.
  7. I wish I were bilingual.
  8. I love “Barbapapa”.
  9. I love to sleep with the windows open. Makes my soul happy!
  10. I cried when I heard of River Phoenix’s death.
  11. I peed my pants at school, not once but twice.
  12. I faint easily, especially if I get needles.
  13. I went to my first Lollapalooza in 1992. I was 17.
  14. I was devastated when my Grandpa died.
  15. As a kid, I could not stand the colour brown. Too much of it in the ’70s?
  16. I checked the mailbox everyday for a new issue of “Sassy” Magazine.
  17. I wanted to dance like in the opening of “Fame”.
  18. For many years, I loved to write poetry and dabble in fiction.
  19. I grew up in St.Thomas, close to all of my family. I miss my childhood home.
  20. When I’m nervous I get giddy. I laugh and talk too much.
  21. I loved collecting stickers, shoelace pins, beads, and jelly bracelets in the 1980s.
  22. I hated being single and wondered if I’d ever meet my “Mr.Right”.
  23. On our 3rd date, Robin took me on a day trip to St. Jacob’s and Elora.
  24. I had trouble learning to tell time when I was a kid. I really struggled with math at times.
  25. Robin proposed to me in Florida.
  26. I am scared of driving or going on the highway. I am always fearful of disaster striking. It is hard to cope.
  27. I am shy.
  28. I always wanted to be a Mom.
  29. I ♥ 60s music.
  30. I’ve always loved to draw.
  31. Seasonal Affective Disorder has been a problem for me.
  32. I like to make lists.
  33. I like hotels with swimming pools.
  34. I body guarded Wesley Snipes at the Toronto Film Festival.
  35. I strongly dislike waiting for buses.
  36. Since I was maybe 7, I’ve often thought I’m ugly and stupid.
  37. I was a movie extra when I was 23.
  38. My first trip to Europe was on our honeymoon, which was spent in France.
  39. My dream jobs have included: Book Cover Artist, Famous Actress, Vintage Shop Owner.

Oh, and how about a giveaway?

How would you like a spot in Before Your Story at Big Picture Classes? The class is A Simple Approach to Autobiographical Scrapbooking, from Birth to Adulthood. The class has a value of $45 and starts February 27th. ENTER TO WIN by leaving a COMMENT below telling me a story you’d like to document from your own childhood. I’ll pick a winner on February 14th.

BPC BYS image 3

About the Class

There are milestone events in life, such as marriage and motherhood, that divide us permanently into a “before” and an “after.” It’s easy to become so immersed in the after—the glorious here and now—that our “befores” rarely appear in our scrapbooks.

In this 6-week workshop with Jennifer Wilson of, you’ll have all the guidance you need to tell your growing-up story in one gorgeous 12″ x 12″ pocket album. Her class combines the ease of slipping photos and journaling cards into photo sleeves with the brilliance of Stacy Julian’s “Library of Memories” scrapbooking categories.

Jennifer excels at making big goals reachable and overwhelming projects finish-able, with her step-by-step processes and detailed planning worksheets. You’ll complete a simple, streamlined album that will help your spouse or partner catch up on the years leading up to the moment you met. Or, it’s the perfect answer to that age-old question, “Mom, what were you like when you were my age?”



28 thoughts on “Join in the fun at the 34 Things Blog Party! Also, a Giveaway!

  1. Debbie says:

    First, I am still smiling to see how you’re getting good use out of all of your scrapbook paper.

    What a lovely idea and thank you for an invitation to explore further!
    I am an eldest of 7 and I got kinda lost in there somewhere. I would enjoy documenting and remembering what it was like as an enthusiastic-about life 5- or 6-year old.


  2. Amanda Y says:

    This is a really cool list. It makes me think of all those things about myself that probably only I know or care to remember. Your scrapbook page – what a great way to use those strips on the paper, and well, any leftover paper you have! I want to make a list!


  3. Becky says:

    Love the idea of using all those strips like that and your list is great. The story I would like to tell from my childhood is a vacation in Wales, wearing roller skates, falling and splitting my scalp and ending up in a psychiatric hospital as that was the only hospital my parents could find to take me to that was open!


  4. Kelley Fewer says:

    I sent a birthday invitation to Captain Kirk when I was 4, and he answered me back! (Well, mom did…but I thought it was him) I wish I still had that letter-it’d make an awesome story for a page!


    • mellybird says:

      This is awesome! I actually have a similar story but it was a response from Alyssa Milano (but actually my sister). Except I wasn’t so happy when I found out. Definitely stories we need to tell!


  5. amelia says:

    i LOVE your 39 things layout and the use of saved strips; how inspiring! I’d like to tell the story of the people who influenced/inspired me when I was a child, particularly a friend’s older sister who was there for me more than once.


  6. Laura B. says:

    I love your idea and how you used it! My story involves my favorite book from childhood and just how much it made an impact on me… my kids know I love that book, but have no idea exactly how much it means to me.


  7. Laura says:

    When I was about 9 I was outside swinging a wooden baseball bat and my little brother who was 4 wandered up behind me. I whacked him in the head with the bat and it knocked him out for a minute or two. I panicked not knowing what to do but i remembered in the movies they always threw a bucket of water on someone to wake them up . Since I didn’t have water, I just started spitting on his face hoping that would wake him up. He was madder at me for spitting on him than he was that I knocked him out with the bat! He has never let me forget about that one.


  8. Carla says:

    GREAT Layout!!! OMG. This was so cute. I may steal the idea. I’ve already “stolen” some of your list, or at least used it for inspiration! It’s not posted yet, but will be sometime today. Thanks.


  9. Karen Freeman says:

    Love how you used the strips and the arrows. Cool layout. I really want to document what is was like growing up and helping out on a dairy farm. How much I loved living in the country and what it meant to me. My Mum and Dad have recently sold the family farm so it is about the timing and realising my kids won’t get to do /experience all the things that I did as a kid. Thanks for the chance to “Tell my Story”.


  10. Kim D says:

    I really love your layout and the idea of it being the table of contents for bigger stories! I am really excited to make my list now. One of my stories would be my first time on a plane as a junior in HS on a trip with school to England.


  11. Cyndy R says:

    I too have all those paper strips saved and thought it was a super layout idea! I also love that I know where St. Thomas, Elora and St. Jabob’s are! I would love to tell the story of my many summers at summer camp as a camper and then counsellor. Also my love of reading which so far my kids don’t seem to share. Thanks for the chance to win the class. I will probably sign up anyway!


  12. shannonw says:

    As you know, I just LOVE the way you’ve put those paper strips to use! You have me looking at my paper in a whole new light!
    I actually have two childhood memories I would love to scrapbook…
    The first is about this huge tree we had beside our house when we were kids. My mom would swing on our home-made swing, and I would climb up into the branches, and we would sing and talk and literally spend hours just hanging out. I even taught my little corgi terrier how to climb it! (and actually have a picture!)
    The other memory is of when I was in public school; we went to this really small country school, and there was only a handful of girls in my class and at recess we used to pretend we were the ‘pinkies’ from the movie Grease. It makes me laugh now, but at the time we thought we were so cool!


  13. nocreativitynone says:

    Love this layout and how you used all your strips. I’ve been wanting to document how my cousins and I used to spend summers together at my grandmas.


  14. lesnie51 says:

    Fun layout. So bright and happy. What a great way to use up “scraps.”
    I have lots of stories I’d like to document, but one I want to do is about how I got my name (Lesnie). I was named after my uncle Lester and had to have my name legally changed from Leslie to Lesnie when I was 18 because the nurse wrote Leslie on my birth certificate.


  15. LeAnne Segers says:

    I love your layout! Part of my story I would like to leave my future kids is about the genetic disorder I was born with. It is part of who I am and I would love to document my life and experiences with it.


  16. Heather V says:

    I love your layout! What a great idea.

    One story I’d like to tell from my childhood is about the summers I spent at my cousin’s house. We were very close, so much alike, and had a blast whenever we got together.


  17. Nicole says:

    Love that idea with the paper scraps!

    I would love to journal/scrap my time in Girl Scouts…specifically the friendships i created, and how much I learned about myself through the scouting program. Loved it so much.

    Thanks for this opportunity to win!


  18. Jane says:

    What an amazing page ! Love how you have put this together. I have SO many stories to tell of my childhood, so many wonderful memories of fun and happy times.


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