Saturday Night

You may have noticed I did a little housekeeping on this here ole blog. I liked the way it looked before but I know it was a bit cumbersome to navigate so hopefully I’ve simplified things a bit. Let me know what you think!

My intention was just to post some layouts I’ve done the past few months but somehow that led to a blog clean up session! Just as well.

Anyway, my posting layouts has been long overdue. I haven’t had much time the past few months to do much scrapbooking but I hope that will change in the coming months.

1. I wrote about my views on faith. I enjoyed making a paper layout. I was so happy I even used up some 15 year old vellum AND made a washi tape leaf too! I covered a wood veneer shape (Always) with gold glitter. That was fun.

Personal Truth | Melanie Ritchie
2. This layout was so enjoyable to put together. Some whimsy, some paper, some tape, some thoughts. It does soothe my soul.

Soul Soothers | Melanie Ritchie
3. This was my heartfelt attempt to explain how my children are growing up and leaving their babyhoods far behind. I went digital with this layout.
From Mommy to Mom | Melanie Ritchie
4. I used instagram photos and Facebook statuses to document what I did during the same week in February during three different years.
Time Hop | Melanie Ritchie
5. Ah, Pinterest. How do I love thee?
Pinterest | Melanie Ritchie
6. Pocket Pages aren’t just for documenting your week. I used this one to tell the story of how I spent Saturdays when I was young. I love the nostalgia!
Hello Saturday | Melanie Ritchie

How fitting I should show my “Hello Saturday” layout last. How different this Saturday was from the ones of my childhood. Although my husband did text me an article about Golden Girls Lego. Not quite the same as watching an originally airing episode but I’ll take it. As well, I did indulge in some chips and dip. Definitely something I would have done in 1985.

Goodbye Saturday! Sleep tight!


Flashback Sunday: Banana Popsicles and Bob Ross

Tonight, while lying in my son’s bed coaxing him to sleep, I was reminded of a moment that happened exactly six years earlier. I was lying in a hospital bed trying to coax my daughter out of my tummy and into the world. I’d been in labour most of the afternoon and evening. I was hopeful the labour would soon be over but had little idea it was about to get way more intense and stay that way until nearly noon the next day.

I remember the wonderful banana popsicles supplied by the hospital. A long forgotten favourite flavour from my childhood. I was only allowed the popsicles and ice water. My husband had brought his laptop so we could watch some shows he thought I’d enjoy. I had joked about how Bob Ross’s voice lulled me into relaxation. He had gone to great trouble to get Bob’s PBS art lessons onto a dvd for me to watch. Although, I’m not sure we ever did get around to watching them. He’d also brought a season of Golden Girls which we opted to watch. Funny enough, it was an episode about Blanche thinking she was pregnant. Those are the things I remember about that night. Ok, I remember other things but they weren’t quite as much fun.

Two years later, I was waiting for my sweet little boy to arrive. He finally arrived on the Ides of March.

Now, on the eve of my daughter’s sixth birthday, I am very much aware of how precious and fleeting this time is and how every moment needs to be embraced.

Here are a couple layouts, made years ago, I’d like to share with you this evening.

1. Six Years ago

2. Four Years ago


Now, I will resume marveling at the two beautiful babies I’ve brought into the world.