Flashback Sunday: Banana Popsicles and Bob Ross

Tonight, while lying in my son’s bed coaxing him to sleep, I was reminded of a moment that happened exactly six years earlier. I was lying in a hospital bed trying to coax my daughter out of my tummy and into the world. I’d been in labour most of the afternoon and evening. I was hopeful the labour would soon be over but had little idea it was about to get way more intense and stay that way until nearly noon the next day.

I remember the wonderful banana popsicles supplied by the hospital. A long forgotten favourite flavour from my childhood. I was only allowed the popsicles and ice water. My husband had brought his laptop so we could watch some shows he thought I’d enjoy. I had joked about how Bob Ross’s voice lulled me into relaxation. He had gone to great trouble to get Bob’s PBS art lessons onto a dvd for me to watch. Although, I’m not sure we ever did get around to watching them. He’d also brought a season of Golden Girls which we opted to watch. Funny enough, it was an episode about Blanche thinking she was pregnant. Those are the things I remember about that night. Ok, I remember other things but they weren’t quite as much fun.

Two years later, I was waiting for my sweet little boy to arrive. He finally arrived on the Ides of March.

Now, on the eve of my daughter’s sixth birthday, I am very much aware of how precious and fleeting this time is and how every moment needs to be embraced.

Here are a couple layouts, made years ago, I’d like to share with you this evening.

1. Six Years ago

2. Four Years ago


Now, I will resume marveling at the two beautiful babies I’ve brought into the world.

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