7 years and it is still snowing

Yesterday afternoon I was rejoicing in the lack of snow left on the ground. I love that spring is finally approaching. I got the kids off the bus and my youngest wanted to play in the one remaining pile of snow near our culvert. It is a rather large and tall chunk of icy snow. The scene reminded me of when I first saw our home seven years ago. It was a dull, grey, rainy day just like the weather is now. I remember being surprised that there was still snow on the ground since my home 8 hours away in a warmer region was much more spring like with leaves starting to bud. Here, nature was still struggling to let go of winter. I was rather disgruntled as I hated the idea of having to adapt to an even shorter summer season. Pondering the snow pile, it occurred to me that it was exactly this time 7 years ago. Like, to the date. Woah.

7 Years ago | Melanie Ritchie

Our house the first time I saw it. 2008.

So, how did my life look this week in April of 2008? The ninth was a Wednesday. This year it is a Thursday (yup, that’s today). My parents, my husband, my newborn daughter and I arrived at our hotel downtown. We spent the next few days searching the area for a place to call home. On the Thursday my daughter turned one month old. Yup, we traveled 8 hours to search for a new home with a five week old baby! Good times. So if you go by the day of the week, that would have been 7 years ago today. By the Saturday (12th) we drove up to check out the last house of the day and right away it was pretty obvious this was where we wanted to be. We could envision our new little family growing here. Many of the things I had envisioned have now come to fruition and become fond memories. On the Sunday we put in an offer and by mid-July we moved into the house that has become our home.


Baby girl was hungry during house hunting.

It took a long time for me to get comfortable here. You could say I don’t easily adapt to new situations. Yes, you could say that. It has really been this past year that I’ve started to feel rooted to the area. Some things just take time. Seven years to be exact.

7 years | Melanie Ritchie

My daughter soon after we returned home from househunting. See how excited she was when she found out we bought the home?

Oh and to get totally off topic before I end today’s post. I mentioned two blog posts ago that I’d make an update on the usefulness of a sore throat gargle tea I made. Well, I finally went in to see the doctor and I have full blown strep throat (in my ears too). So, I guess the tea was a failure. Ah well, I tried.

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