How shall I use my spoons today?

An average healthy person has unlimited energy in a day, assuming they eat well and take breaks now and then. Let’s say a spoon is required for each act they perform. They’d have more than enough spoons to get them through the day. An unwell person has limited stores of energy and must make conscious choices on how they will use their small stash of spoons.

This morning I feel like I have a million spoons! How awesome is that? I know! However, from experience I know that feeling will change almost without warning. I’m sitting here trying to decide how to use my spoons. I was slightly tempted to go to the store but I know that will use up all of my spoons and I have a list of things to accomplish this evening. I have to ration my energy. Ok, so what can I do that will only slightly deplete my energy? I signed up for an online watercolour course by Mindy Lacefield so maybe I could finally sit at my craft table and put brush to paper? Or I could get some computer work done? Or I could try to tame the mess that is taking over my house and choking my sanity? No way… that one would put me out for weeks! Ugh, what to do?

I gave my 16-year-old long haired tortoise shell Persian cat a haircut the other day. She hated it. I hated it. It had to be done. She had matted hair because she refuses to be brushed. She must have been relieved because she’s been at my side ever since. She keeps pawing me for my attention. I cut her nails too but they keep digging into my arm. My arm is bleeding. I really wish she’d stop. I can only pet her so many hours of the day. It’s incredible that she wants my attention so badly. Usually she sleeps in her cat bed 23 hours of the day and our 1 year old cat vies for my attention. I love her but she’s driving me batty! Not only is she pawing me to possible death, she’s also drooling on me. Poor sweet Chloe!


I’m so clumsy. Soon after my Lyme disease symptoms appeared (long before a diagnosis) I began to lose my grip. Jars, cans and objects would fall from my hands. I thought things weren’t as bad now but maybe I’m just used to it? Things don’t get placed where I am aiming. Cups fly across the room or crash to the floor when I was simply setting them on the counter. Today I managed to spill tomato sauce on the counter, spill spoonfuls of rice onto the floor, and send a bag of dates flying out of the fridge. All before 8:30am! I’d keep a safe distance if you see anything breakable or heavy in my hands. It is frustrating.

My mantra has become “it could always be worse, much worse”.

Chloe has finally settled into sleep on my left hand. I can still manage to type, mostly. I’m just relieved she’s not scratching me. Her scratches are itchy. I should buy stock in Polysporin. I’m not too worried about infection because I’m already on two antibiotics and several herbal supplements. I am already fighting Bartonella (cat scratch fever) that I acquired from the tick bite. Kind of a bonus freebie for when I got Lyme. I also got Babesia and who knows what else….

Well, I’ve come to the end of this post and I still have energy! I thought this activity would take up at least a spoon! Ok, onwards… let’s get some $#!% done!

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