So long Target. Adios and Farewell.

Oh I am not happy about this. It was an exciting and long wait just over a year ago when Target opened up here where I live. My husband and I were really looking forward to shopping in a well merchandised shop. Hopeful, we were.

Target arrived. The store looked great. I enjoyed shopping there although the prices weren’t as reasonable as I’d hoped and there wasn’t quite the same selection as in the US stores. Oh bother! Still, I loved shopping there. They had many products I loved. Designers for Target make pretty stuff that isn’t always available elsewhere. What other store has such awesome and reasonably priced wrapping paper at Christmas time? The store was clean, tidy and price checker machines worked. I like being in this store.

Then a few weeks ago, it was announced that Target was leaving Canada. GASP. Maybe they’ll change their minds? Nope, it is happening.

So my husband called me when I was in the middle of writing a blog post on planners. He said Liquidation was starting at Target and told me the roads were clear. Hmm, a sale AND good driving conditions? Maybe I should leave my protective cocoon and check it out. So I put on appropriate attire and drove off into the sunlight.

The entrance was bustling. I’ve never seen Target busy here in Canada. Uh, yeah, that’s why they’re leaving. Lots of people everywhere. The check out line was winding around at least half of the store. Yikes!

Target Closing by Melanie Ritchie

I needed party supplies for my kids’ upcoming birthday parties. I was happy to see these items were 30% off. What surprised me was that many sections of the store were only 10% off of regular price. Liquidation, really? It didn’t really matter to me. I was hoping to get the items I’ve longed for at a less than regular price. As for the birthday supplies I just wanted to pay less than what I’d pay the party store. So, my trip was a success. While I wasn’t able to get some items on my “wish list” (hockey helmet, hockey sticks, Lego Friends) I did find many items (the towels I’ve been eyeing for over 2 years, curtains for my daughter’s room, some Transformer toys). My experience for the day was pleasant. Everything went smoothly but it was a rather depressing occasion to see one of my favourite stores about to close down.

Seeing the deserted Starbucks made me want to cry just a little bit.

Goodbye Target Starbucks by Melanie Ritchie

No more red bullseye. No more huge carts for the kids to ride in. No more cute items in the bins at the front of the store. No more mid-century modern Christmas decorations. WAHHHH!!!!!

Target Closing by Melanie Ritchie

I hate to think about people losing their jobs. I hate to think about the lovely stores sitting empty and deserted while we patiently wait for a new store to open up. Hard to believe it will a company as enticing as Target.

So, with tears in my eyes and a very long receipt in hand, Target and I parted ways.Goodbye Target by Melanie Ritchie

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