This isn’t how I planned it.

I really believed I would stay on track. I thought I’d have several blog posts written in the past week. I wanted to. I meant to. I didn’t. In fact, this post was postponed by a day because in mid-sentence I stopped to go to Target on a whim. Yeah, that’s how I do things.

Maybe I need a planner. Planners are all the rage right now. Have you noticed? They’re so pretty AND functional. I have to laugh though. Pretty planners have been around for ages in places like Japan. I was into them when I lived there 15 years ago. I stopped using them once I ran out of refills. Flying to Japan to get more just didn’t happen.

I bought my first planner at Kinokuniya in Matsuyama. It was a couple minutes walk from the English school where I taught. I would go there on my lunch hour. They always had an amazing selection of cute stationery, school supplies, and planners. That place made me so happy! The cover of my planner was hard plastic and the pages inside were all Barbapapa themed. Later I replaced it with a more protective plastic cover which had pockets to add your own personalized postcards or drawings.

Here is the front cover. I added a Barbapapa postcard to the back and front.Barbapapa Planner by Melanie Ritchie

Here is the back:Barbapapa Planner by Melanie Ritchie


I love the section dividers. My planner had sections for monthly planner, weekly planner, addresses, notes, stickers, photos, business cards/credit cards, and a little zippered pouch at the back. Oh and I even have a little paper punch that makes holes to fit the planner. So I can make my own planner pages. It has holes in it so it can be kept in the planner. Right now it is somewhere on my craft table.

Barbapapa Planner by Melanie Ritchie


Stickers! I love Stickers! I still have sheets of these. There are stickers for most occasions you’d want to schedule into your planner. Funny how most of the stickers were in English even though I’m pretty sure they were only sold in Japan.
Barbapapa Planner by Melanie Ritchie


The section dividers were also great because you could easily add or remove stickers. I have this lovely one of a flying Ojisan. I believe that would be an Uncle. Hey, why not!

Barbapapa Planner by Melanie Ritchie


One of the most important parts of the planner (which I forgot to mention above) is the plastic insert. It is multifunctional. You place it behind your current week so when you write in your planner it doesn’t indent on the other pages. Nice and tidy! It is also a bookmark and a ruler. Fabulous!

Barbapapa Planner by Melanie Ritchie


There are lots of extras you can buy to add into your planner. I added these “friends” sheets. I’d get my friends and students to fill them out. I’d sometimes use it as a teaching exercise.
Barbapapa Planner by Melanie Ritchie


Here is the back of the Friends sheet. To the right is a sticker sheet with page protector. I would add my favourite stickers to it. As well, I’d usually get my picture taken at the local photo booths once a week or so. They called that Purikura. I don’t have them in my planner now. I’ll have to share those another day!
Barbapapa Planner by Melanie Ritchie


Oh but look, I do have a photo in the planner! It was taken at Oshima just outside of Matsuyama in 1999. That’s me in the middle sitting with two students from the school I taught at. At the top you can see a bit of paper. Those are the notes sheets. Little perforated papers so you can write a note and tear it out easily. Brilliant!
Barbapapa Planner by Melanie Ritchie


On the left is the business card or credit card holder. On the right is the zippered pocket. Very useful!
Barbapapa Planner by Melanie Ritchie

You’ll notice I missed a photo of something very important. The actual calendar sheets! Oh yes, right. I took them out to use in a scrapbook of my time in Japan. I refilled the planner with pages I bought in Korea but I have no idea where I put those. I have to say talking about stationery REALLY makes me want to hop on a plane and head straight to Japan. My favourite shop was called Space. The entire basement was full of notepads, stickers, pens, erasers, and letter writing sets. It was so awesome. I probably spent an hour there once a week on my day off. Definitely my happy place!

If you are loving your planner, hook me up in the comments. I’d love to know what companies are out there. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “This isn’t how I planned it.

  1. Lena says:

    I am loving Monica Lee’s 16 month (2015-16) “Flourish” planner over at It has lots of space to capture all of your creative project ideas and important to-dos (i.e. “ideas and lightbulbs”, “one brave thing”, etc.) It’s my brain-dump, getting-things-done planning space, and a perfect planner for creative people. With a gorgeous, fun cover!


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