A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

Hello hello! How are you on this fine wintry Tuesday? Or maybe where you are is bright and summery? That sounds even better! I’m looking out my window and the sun is glaringly bright. I was outside an hour ago and it is bitter cold. The type of cold where the inside of your nose sticks together. That cold.

Yet it is most certainly a beautiful day in the Neighbourhood. It is great to have neighbours! Last week, our next door neighbours went to Disney World and I checked in on their cat. His name is Jim. While he is technically a neighbour, do not mistake him for Jim Nabors. Jim is a very friendly cat. I spent some time with him during the day. On the second last day I had to check in on him a bit later than usual so I took my daughter. She gave him lots of love which I think he really needed. He seemed lonely. The next day I took my daughter back. She entertained him while I tidied up the cat dishes and such. It was kind of fun to take care of someone else’s cat for a bit. Usually I’m the one needing a cat sitter.

So, last night the door bell rang. I looked a fright as I’d spilled some chili on my shirt as I was cooking and I’d spent the afternoon cleaning. It was my neighbour looking all refreshed from a trip away to somewhere warmer than here. Their sweet little family had a wonderful time at Disney World. That just makes me smile imagining her little ones taking it all in. Then she handed me a bag which I let the kids help me open. I love surprises!

Inside were two cookies. One shaped and decorated like Mickey Mouse’s head and the other like Ariel. My son had a big grin at the sight of Mickey. My daughter was pretty pleased with Ariel as she happened to be wearing her Ariel nightgown. A perfect match. I thought that was very sweet of my neighbour to think of the kids and bring them something back. See, great neighbours, right?

And yet, there was something else in the bag. Ooooh! How exciting! I knew no matter what it was, I would like it because I like Disney World and I like trinkets. You just can’t go wrong. What did I pull out of that bag? I squealed with delight (really, I did) as I recognized the pattern. It was a “It’s a Small World” mug! OH MY! I nearly did a happy dance but I didn’t want to break the mug, or expose myself in my flimsy shirt.

It turns out my neighbour reads my blog (waving to her, HI!!!) and saw that I’d mentioned “It’s a Small World” being my favourite ride. Turns out she loves it too. Even better!

Geez, for that I’d have taken care of a 100 cats. No, actually, I wouldn’t. Ok, I would have set up camp and overnighted with Jim. That’s more likely.

Anyway, her generosity was greatly appreciated and I LOVE my mug!

I promised the kids they could eat their cookies after school today. Oh, and the cookies have sentimental value for me. When we were in Disney World last year, we were shopping in a store in the Dino land area. My son (age 3) very sweetly grabbed a cookie and asked if we could buy it for his sister. Soooooo sweet! Heartwarming.

So I took a photo of our treats today. The Mickey cookie seems to have gone missing. I don’t think my son has eaten it but I think he might have put it in a safe place. Perhaps I should check under his pillow. I wouldn’t put it past him to have slept with it there. Ha!

Small World Mug | photo by Melanie Ritchie

Have a most pleasant day!

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