Did you love playing board games as a kid?

I did and I still do. I have so many good memories of them. Well, except for the game “Aggravation”. I detest that game. I won’t even go into it. Recently, I received a copy of “Monopoly Junior” from Hasbro because I am a reviewer/tester for Influenster. I don’t like blathering on too much about promotional products I receive but I was asked to talk about which game I loved as a kid. That type of question is right up my alley. I thought it would make a good scrapbook layout, which I will soon make. In the meantime, I thought a blog post might be fun too.

First, I had to see which games are made by Hasbro. Luckily, they make a lot of the games I loved as a kid.

Here are my memories of some of their games. Maybe this will give you some Christmas list ideas!

1. Chutes & Ladders. This is one of the first games I remember playing. My grandparents owned a copy and kept it in their coffee table in the basement. It was such an awesome mid-century modern piece of furniture. Not that I thought so at the time. Then it was just a place to hold board games and crossword puzzles. I liked Chutes & Ladders because it makes me think of my Grandma because she was really good about playing games with us (me, my sister, and my two cousins). I didn’t like the snakes though. 1. They scared me. 2. They make you lose!

2. Candy Land. I loved Candy Land! I remember playing it at a classmate’s house in kindergarten. Yummy candy pictures all over the board. My imagination loved it. It is a great “first” board game as you don’t need to know how to read. Very simple to play. Fun, bright colours. Perfect for 3-5 years of age. By six, I remember thinking it was pretty boring.

3. Operation. I got this for Christmas one year. I LOVED IT SO MUCH! It appealed to my love of small tiny pieces and electronics. I didn’t really like the buzzing noise because I startled easily. I did love the little tweezers and picking out the little body parts out of the poor guy’s body. Super fun game! Also great because a kid can play it by themselves or with friends. Nowadays, they have themed versions. My son has a Tow Mater version. I’ve seen a Buzz Lightyear one too.

4. Hungry Hungry Hippos. The game kids love and parents love to hate. It’s loud, obnoxious, and WAY too much fun! Oh man, that was an awesome game! I loved playing it with my sister and cousins. Bang,  bang, bang! There is something so rewarding about getting your prettily coloured hippo to eat all those balls up before anyone else has a chance. I love how the mouth extends. Snap, snap, snap! My kids love it too. However, I’ve noticed the marbles are now made of plastic and I think it affects how easily the balls are eaten. Something about the weight of the marbles. Maybe that’s just me.

5. Connect 4. I think this might have been my sister’s game. Oooh, I love that game! This is one of those games that never gets old. I like playing it with my kids. I like games where I can put things in a row or make patterns. It’s a great introduction to strategy games. My six year old is learning how to play it properly. Earlier than six, kids like to place the tokens but they don’t play it with rules. This game is also now available in lots of themes. I saw a My Little Pony version recently. Don’t tell my daughter!

6. Memory. I remember playing that on Christmas with my cousins. I’m all about memory matching. Again, I like looking for patterns. Memory games are fun and very educational. It’s a great beginner game but big kids like it too. When I was young, there was just one generic game. Now it comes in nearly a million (slight exaggeration) different versions. Name a character you like and there is probably a Memory game available. We have a Christmas Disney version that I bring out every December. It is a very affordable game and you can keep it simple (only play with a few matches) or make it more challenging using all the pieces. I played this game a lot in Japan with my young students.

7. Perfection.  My sister had this game. I had a love/hate relationship with it. I loved playing with the pieces and putting them in their correct places but I HATE being startled. It gave me anxiety to race against the clock to get all the pieces in place before the pieces all flew up towards me. Almost as scary as a jack-in-the-box. Both are fascinating and terrifying all at the same time. Funny thing. My son has this game and he is like me. He insists we keep the timer turned off. He just wants to put the pieces in their correct spots without being startled. I’d say this game is good for ages 4 and up.

8. Twister. This game always feels so retro. I think it did even when I was a kid. It’s fun for a bit. Good for sleepovers and birthday parties, if I recall correctly.

9. Yahtzee. This was another game my grandparents had in their coffee table. I never liked the brown/orange/yellow box it came in. I overdosed on those colours in the 1970s. Aside from that, it was mostly fun. Part of my issue as a child, was that I had bit of a short attention span. Also, I’m not overly fond of numbers, especially odd ones. Yahtzee is all about numbers. It’s like a card game but with dice. My favourite part was shaking them in the cup and rolling them onto the table. I also liked saying “YAHTZEE!” Last year I bought a PacMan Yahtzee for my husband at Christmas. It is awesome. The cup to hold the dice is actually a big PacMan head. How cool is that? They have all sorts of themed versions now. It’s a good game for older kids. My 6 year old played with us last week but she got bored after a few rolls. Maybe when she is 7 or 8 she’ll be more into it.

10. Trouble. Sorry. Games that are named after a negative word aren’t fun. Did I mention the game “Aggravation”? It’s like “Trouble” and “Sorry”. They’re all games where I get frustrated and lose. Every. Time. But hey, don’t let that stop you… the rest of my family LOVES these games. Maybe cuz, they, uh, always win? Maybe you will too.

11. Battleship. When I hear this game mentioned, I always want to say “You sunk my battleship!” Always. I have strong memories of this game. I am very tactile and visual. I loved the ship pieces and the little pegs. I liked the blue board the pieces stuck into. Oooh, pretty. As a kid, I had a hard time playing the game and I couldn’t sit still for the whole game. However, I think it is a great game. Especially for rainy days and snowstorms. I’ll buy it for my kids if they ever show an interest.

12. Clue. Another awesome game! I think I got this when I was around 10 or 11 for Christmas. I can vividly remember sitting on our living room floor playing for the entire visit with my cousins. We were obsessed with it. I love the mystery aspect of it. It’s like a logic problem. I loved the board with all the different rooms on it, and all the characters and weapon pieces. The only downfall was that I played it SO much, it got old. Really fun game!

7. Scrabble. If you could only ever have one board game, I would pick this one. That’s all I have to say about that.

8. Monopoly. This was a game I played with my parents and sister on weekends when I was young. It would take all day. Maybe all weekend. I’d quit long before they were finished. I was the youngest so I’d get frustrated when they all understood the rules better than I did. It is a hard game to grasp when you’re little. That’s why I really love the Monopoly Junior version that is meant for younger kids. Now that I’m older I love Monopoly. I have a Coca-Cola version and a Rudolph version.

9. Trivial Pursuit. I remember the year this game was released. It was so popular. All the parents of my friends were having Trivial Pursuit parties. My family would play it at holiday gatherings. The kids would play too but we’d probably only get a rare question correct. Luckily now there are so many versions, any age group can play. My husband will probably always win though. He has a lot of knowledge in his noggin’.

10. Scattergories. This is a game I tend to win. I’m good at coming up with words for categories. I like that the game doesn’t really repeat itself. It’s great for big groups and parties. I hope to play it with my whole family at Christmas when the kids are older. That was one of the things I loved most about getting together with family at holidays when I was a kid. We’d all sit around the cleared dining room table and play cards or board games. Anyone could join in. I liked it best when we played a board game as I wasn’t the best at cards.

So, for a little added fun, I went and found some slides to go along with this post.


The top photo is great because it shows several things: 1. My Grandma playing a game with us. 2. The classmate I played CandyLand with on a different occasion, and 3. the living room looks exactly the way it does in my memory when I played Clue at Christmas with my cousins.

The bottom photo is of my dog playing Connect Four.

The middle photo is of me playing with my gum. It has nothing to do with board games but isn’t it funny?

What was your favourite board game as a kid?

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