I feel a blog post coming on! and a promotion!

I just found some drafts of blog posts that I thought I’d published. Oops!
I guess now is better than never. My kids both started school full time this fall. I wasn’t sure how I’d adjust. So far, we’re all doing just fine. Phew!

Our fall has been spent with school, after school activities and visits to fall fairs. We just finished our Thanksgiving weekend which ended with a really lovely walk through the woods.

Most of the summer I fretted over how our fall would turn out. This is what was written in my blog post draft:

I am sitting in the chair where I nursed my babies. Now it has become the chair where I sit at my laptop and design things (illustrations, scrapbook layouts, paragraphs). Not so long ago, I would rock my babies to sleep while my mind wandered. Usually I was thinking up design ideas I could create once my baby was fast asleep in their crib. Now I will sit here designing while thinking about my children away at school for the day. How did things change so quickly?

There were many days in the past 6 or so years where I really wanted just a few minutes to myself. It was sometimes frustrating knowing I couldn’t work on a project that was whirling around in my head. Sometimes I’d sit on the couch feeling incredibly sleepy and bored. I didn’t want to watch Wonder Pets, or play with Little People play sets, or keep my eyes open. Invisible toothpicks were keeping them open. Those were the days when my kids needed constant supervision. Now I can leave the room and let them play and explore on their own. I seem to always hear or intuit when they need me. Yesterday, I hooked up two microphones to the TV at my daughter’s request. I let them perform while I went to the craft room to tidy. I had to laugh when I heard my daughter whisper “Don’t tell Mommy I did that!”. Next time she might not want to whisper that into a microphone.

I haven’t blogged this summer. I had so much I wanted to say about all the changes about to take place in my life as I shift from “Stay at Home Mommy” to “Work at Home Mommy While Kids Are At School”. Although I look forward to getting things done around the house and returning to my creative life, I have to admit I am struggling a bit. The house will seem too quiet. My youngest seems too young for all day school every day. He refused to admit he was four for the past several months because he knew that was the age where you go off to school. Yesterday, we went to the park. They pretended I was their teacher and they put on their backpacks to “go to school”. My son came up to me and said “Teacher, did you know? I just turned four!”. I could have cried. I do believe that was my son’s way of saying he is ready to go to school or at least willing to accept it is a fact that he is going. Then we left the park and I got teary-eyed walking behind him watching him hold the straps on the backpack, proudly strutting down the path.

It doesn’t help that all of this happens right as I turn 40. To the day, in fact. Crazy, isn’t it? So many chapters ending all at once. Luckily, I’m excited to see what happens next.

I wanted to blog about this but I couldn’t bring myself to sit down and process it. I put it off. Kind of like my son refusing to be four. 

So for the most part, I was worried about nothing. My son had a week where he did not want to get on the bus but he eventually agreed that he was having fun all day. I am enjoying getting back into my creative work.

One thing that occurred to me recently is that I am so grateful that I took the time these past 6 years to document my daily life. The days often felt endless with one day blurring into the next. It took me by surprise when everything shifted this fall. Luckily, I did a good job of taking note of what made that time so special. I have photos, funny quotes, our highlights, and our struggles all nicely tucked into scrapbooks to be cherished over the years. I am SO happy I did this.

If you’re eager to document your life in the same way, there is a promotion at Simple Scrapper for their membership program. I’ve found it has been a wonderful resource and a real motivator to stay on track with your memory keeping. Today is the last day of the promotion where you’ll receive two e-books (Everyday Storyteller Vol.1 & Vol.2) in addition to the annual membership (which is packed with benefits). I wouldn’t recommend this if I didn’t think it was pretty awesome.

Here are some of the layouts I did over the past few months:

sts_windowsystems_fair-lores LOtypenewsl-lores sts_windowsystems_toadstool-lores sts_windowsystems_frogs-lores aug24_30_14-lores ritchie_sep14_3-lores Ritchie_Sep14-story_loresreadyforschoolLO-lores WWC__StitchedDownVol6__Lgoofball_lores WWC__PunchedOutVol1_kids-loresritchie_aug14_story10_lores ritchie_aug14_1ritchie_oct14_story3_loresritchie_Oct14_5_lores


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