Oh my goodness, what a find!

Hello August! How quickly you made your appearance. The nights have cooled down and I’ve been enjoying sitting at my laptop scrapbooking with a cool breeze wafting over me. Wafting. That’s a strange word. I haven’t managed to accomplish a whole lot lately but I did take some time to create a few layouts and read an e-book or two. I’ll share my layouts another day. Today, it’s the e-book I want to mention.

While shopping at Pixels & Company, I came across an e-book by Jennifer Valencia called Black & White Adobe Photoshop Techniques. In case the title isn’t clear enough for you, I’ll explain. It’s a guide for photo editing in Photoshop to make your photos look fabulous in black and white.

I got the e-book because I’m not really that good at making my photos black and white. I rely heavily on the radlab plug-in. That’s fine and all but it would be great to learn how to get the effect I want all by myself. I was giddy when I read the table of contents listing all sorts of methods and important know-how.

What can I say? This e-book is well thought out, makes sense, and is easy to understand. I love when technical information is explained in a way that doesn’t make me dizzy. I had a lot of “ah yeah, ok, now I get it. That makes sense!” moments.

The author gives us the tools to judge when a photo would make a great black and white photo and when it is better left in colour. I’ve come away feeling like I have a more critical eye towards photography (both taking photos and in post-processing). I’ll be brave enough to use black and white photos more often in my scrapbook layouts now.

I followed along with her methods for achieving a good black and white photo.


Here is the original photo. Next are my two edits of the same photo. I used different methods to achieve each look.


I prefer the last one.


Have a wonderful day. I hope to blog more often. Life got busy and I got tired. Happy Summer!





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