All Paths lead to fries

Yesterday evening, my husband and I navigated our way to the Ottawa Bluesfest to see the band She & Him perform. Zooey Deschanel and Matthew Ward, if you’re not familiar with the band name. Star of “The New Girl” if you’re not familiar with Zooey’s name. I can’t help you more than that.

I’ve been a fan for a few years now. Even farther back, if you count Zooey’s performance in the Christmas movie “Elf”.

Anyway, I haven’t been to a outdoor music festival in years. A lot has happened in the interim. I somehow became an old lady. Or at least middle aged. What happened to the long haired girl in the flowing skirt and 8-hole Doc Martens?

I was feeling a bit insolent as I entered the gates. I get that way when I feel out of place. We were wearing bar coded wrist bands. The scanners at the festival were failing. While I waited, I was thinking several clever things I wanted to write down. I didn’t want to tweet them as I was using my husband’s iPhone for photos and didn’t want to drain the battery. Instead, I pulled out my little notebook and pen and obnoxiously declared “here’s my technology. Pen & Pad. I hope it works!” People around me raised their eyebrows. Guess they don’t know what a pen looks like.

We walked along. I was dressed up in an outfit that I like. I chose it simply because it was the only thing that was cool enough for the hot night, and it fit. I wisely wore my new waterproof sandals. Our concert grounds were bit of a mud pit. Yay, for my smart thinking!

In my head, I was thinking “I feel old. I just want to go home. I want to go home, watch “Reality Bites” on VHS and wallow in the mid 1990s.”

It was true. I had forgotten how to be young.

Then I smelled fries and cheered up considerably. We saw a Pepsi Challenge booth and decided to accept it. We’d never done the challenge before and my husband enjoys Marketing related things. I tried to hide my smugness. I am a Coca-Cola addict (sad but true) and really dislike Pepsi. The woman handed three of us two little cups each. We all quickly declared we preferred the drink on the right. Yup, 3 out of 3 prefer Coca-Cola. Sorry Pepsi, you lose. Or so I thought. I looked around and all the food vendors were only selling Pepsi. Blech! Guess I’ll drink Iced Tea.

I got fries. YUM! My husband got poutine. Poutine is fries smothered in gravy and cheese curd. No really, it’s good. I’d have had some but I’m vegetarian. I make mine at home with meatless gravy.

Then we settled into our muddy spots and watched the sun set as we waited for She & Him to arrive. I enjoyed people watching. One young woman (yes, this is how middle aged women reference ladies in their 20s) was particularly interesting. Porcelain skin, fine features, dramatic eye liner, and mid-century modern vintage clothing. I wanted to stop time, grab some art supplies and paint her portrait. Then the sun disappeared and I set my sights on the roadies tuning guitars.

This isn’t a review of the show so I’ll simply say I liked it. It was good. Zooey didn’t say much. She isn’t much into audience interaction. It was their first show in Ottawa. I liked the back up singers. Peasant blouses are awesome. Hmm, guess that covers it.

By the end of the show I’d actually loosened up. I noticed young people didn’t dance. They stood motionless for the entire show. The older the person, the more they danced. Some seriously grooving septuagenarians. My husband had some moves too. He’s in a different decade than me so it took me another ten minutes or so before I let myself enjoy the music.

That’s all for now! Enjoy these fabulous photos. I decorated them with brushes from Simple Scrapper’s Stories of the Summer class and also used the fonts Arsenale White and Veneer.






2 thoughts on “All Paths lead to fries

  1. Shannon Wyman says:

    My brother has invited us to attend Bluesfest with him 2 years in a row now, and 2 years in a row I have talked myself out of going for fear of feeling ‘out of place’… the safety of the familiar as they say.
    I’m glad you enjoyed your evening, and coincidentally we were listening to She & Him on my Iphone at the Kars crop yesterday!


    • mellybird says:

      Ah, I’m sorry I missed you at the crop. I was wondering if you’d be there. I was planning to go but I’ve had a bad cold and woke up with pink eye. I hope you’ll be there in September!


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