One Thing…

Oh my goodness how I love summer. Ok, that has nothing to do with what I’m about to say. It’s just that I’m sitting here typing at my window and I am LOVING how much I LOVE summer. Breezes, smells, humidity, rustling leaves. Ahhhhh!!!!

Today, I am cleaning up my craft room. It is a one step forward, five steps backward type affair. I’ve been doing this for what feels like months or years. I’m almost there! Really!

I just came across a piece of paper that says my IQ is 127. Um, ok, sure, sounds ok to me. I’ll take it. Below that it says I am an Insightful Linguist. I’ll let my blog readers decide on that one. The description says that I am “highly intelligent (HA!) and have the natural fluency of a writer and the visual and spatial strengths of an artist”. Wow, sounds like I’m pretty awesome.

Below that on the sheet is a quote: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

It is the next part on the paper that made me stop what I was doing and write a blog post. I don’t really know when I wrote all this stuff on a piece of paper. I’m guessing it was 8 years ago. There are two clues that tell me an approximate date. 1. I mention not having a car. 2. I had quit drinking Coca-Cola for 6 months.  I’d say this was written right before I started dating my husband-to-be.

Ok, so here it is. A list of things. It made me laugh so I’m sharing.

I would have been 30 when I wrote this.

One thing I would love to have, but I probably will never have… a tatami room
One thing you will never find in my closet… dead bodies
One thing I love about my face… my eyes
One thing that I love to do… sleep
One thing that I would like to change if I could… the irreparable damage to the environment, world hunger, social violence, war, and um, the size of my butt
One thing I would change if I had unlimited money… donate, donate, donate and fund a scholarship
One thing that I will not do again… ignore my intuition or heart
One thing that I would like to do… become a mother
One thing that I could do without… ???????
One thing I love to smell… lilacs on the breeze
One thing I would do if I won the lottery… quit my job, get an art studio, and travel the world with my family whenever I please
One thing that infuriates me… rudeness
One thing that I love about winter… hibernation
One thing I love about scrapbooking… it’s a creative outlet where I can record memories
One thing I am addicted to… nothing. I quite Coca-Cola six months ago!
One thing I pray for… my family’s health
One thing I wish I had… a car
One thing I would do again, regardless of the pain… attend university
One thing that I absolutely hate to do… get up in the morning for work
One thing that is weird about me… where do I begin? I can put my fist in my mouth.
One thing that I need help on… structuring my life in an organized fashion
One thing that I find most relaxing… soaking in a hot tub
One thing that could get me in trouble… a credit card
One thing that annoys me… inconsideration
One thing I dread; therefore, don’t do very often… going to the doctor for blood work
One thing that I have learned, but still sometimes forget… to take a deep breath and live in the moment.

Some things never change!


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