Sugoi!!! I’m in a Japanese magazine!!!


Did you know I used to live in Japan? Yup. Way back in all of 1999 and parts of 2000. I rang in the millennium at a shrine on top of a very tall hill. Approximately, 1000 steps I had to climb up to get there.

Getting published in a Japanese magazine took slightly fewer steps. Last summer at CHA in Chicago, I had the pleasure of meeting Emi Kume, the  Owner of Memory Palette, and Editor of Love My Memories magazine. We had a nice chat at the Carta Bella booth. In early October, the Carta Bella designers had an interview web chat with Emi and several of her staff/readers in Tokyo. I was very nervous as I’m shy and not big on public speaking. I was super excited as I miss Japan very much. Our chat was successful and I think I managed to avoid making a fool of myself. I think.


The interview was published in the Winter 2012/Spring 2013  issue of Love My Memories. My paper was used for a layout and tutorial in the magazine. How cool is that? I love the idea that maybe one of my students from long ago has recently purchased the magazine and happened across the layout. Would they recognize me? I wonder.


lovemymem4 lovemymem3

There is a funny connection to my love of Scrapbooking and Japan. I bought my first scrapbook album right before I left for Japan in 1999. I had decided I would scrapbook my year. The album was 13×19 inches and was just cardstock pages. I had no proper supplies or page protectors. I didn’t really accomplish my goal. I ended up making photo albums with a slightly scrapbooked look to them (see below). It wasn’t until after I returned back to Canada that I started to see scrapbook supplies (as we now know them) in craft stores. That is when I got hooked. What I did discover in Japan was their incredible selection of beautifully designed stationery.

There was this one store I’d visit on my day off. It was called “Space”. Oh how I loved that store. The top floor was filled with funky home decor items. The basement was filled with stationery supplies. Stickers, journals, little notepads, pencil cases, day planners. All decorated with the most whimsical and beautiful illustrations. It was such eye candy! I spent many happy hours perusing and buying. Sometimes even  now, years later, I dream I am shopping in Japan.

lovemyjapan5 lovemyjapan4 lovemyjapan3 lovemyjapan2 lovemyjapan1


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