Oh how I love you Zumba!

I like to wiggle my hips. Always have. Always will. I took dance for 8 years (4 years en pointe). I wasn’t the best dancer but I wasn’t the worst either. I did love it. I struggled with class as I was bullied. Year after year. At 16, I had enough and quit. I regret not going further. I still loved school dances though.

I still love to dance. I feel free.

I don’t really dance outside of my living room. I did have a wonderful time dancing with my husband at a cousin’s wedding, three months after my own wedding. It was wonderful. We made fools of ourselves. Caused a scene with our fancy (and flawed0footwork. That Christmas, my cousin forced the family to watch the video of us dancing. It was meant to make fun of us, but honestly, I wasn’t embarrassed. My husband and I were having the time of our lives.

For Christmas I got Zumba Core for Xbox Kinect. I was instantly in love. Everything I love about dancing. I like world music and dance. I love latin music. I wasn’t able to find a real life Zumba class in my area. Until last week. I was at my daughter’s dance class and saw a small sign mentioning a new class. I signed up immediately.

I went to my first class tonight. I was intimidated and nervous. I am out of shape and really need to get my weight back under control. Out of the 15 or so women there, only three of us were first timers. I didn’t realize this until we started dancing. Everyone knew the steps! Luckily, I surprised myself by being COMPLETELY AWESOME! Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. I did keep up with the pace and the steps. I was even keeping up with the teenage dancer girl in front of me. We were in sync. There were a couple times I felt I might pass out so I slowed down a bit but not bad for week one!

I just love everything about Zumba! Not looking forward to the muscle stiffness I’ll feel tomorrow. I kind of wish I hadn’t raked for two hours today. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.


My library book choices today. Somehow they apply to my going to Zumba.


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