canvaspop just made my day!

Last week I placed an order at canvaspop to have some photos printed onto 12″x12″ canvas. One was a B&W photo of my daughter from the summer, a B&W photo of my son from the fall, and a photo of toadstools. I had to crop my photos to fit the 12×12 size. I can’t remember if I blogged about the toadstools or not. For a week or so last fall, the toadstools kept sprouting up on my neighbour’s lawn. After getting my daughter off the bus, we’d sneak up to the toadstools hoping to catch sight of a fairy. While the kids frolicked, I’d happily snap away with my camera. I quite liked the bokeh effect in the photo.

Well, I was getting ready to prepare dinner when I checked my email and saw that my toadstools photo had been picked as canvaspop’s photo of the day, and featured in their weekly Top 5 blog column “Curated by CanvasPop“. That was pretty exciting!

Then the doorbell rang. It was the UPS guy delivering the photo canvases. Such perfect timing! I took some photos of the excitement which you can see at the bottom of this post.

I am delighted with the quality of the prints. They turned out so beautifully. I had picked the 1.5″ thick canvas. It really does pop. A couple years ago I had another company make canvas prints with my photos that weren’t as thick. I much prefer the 1.5” depth. If I were to make a really large canvas print I’d choose something even thicker. I will definitely use canvaspop again. In fact, I was so impressed I signed up tonight as an affiliate. Mostly, it just means I believe in their product enough to put a badge (square image) of their company on my blog which links to their shop. The bonus is that when people make a purchase from that link, I get a commission. My affiliate links are at the bottom of my blog. The best part is that canvaspop gives out special promotional codes to their affiliates to put onto their site. So, get ready… here is a doozy:

=$30 off at CanvasPop CanvasPop is offering $30 off all orders with promo code APRIL30 valid through 4/30.

I had decided to write this review before I decided to become an affiliate. I was just really thrilled with the quality of my prints and the excellent customer service. However, now that I’m an affiliate I do intend to write another review in the near future. I’ve got some home decor ideas that need fulfilling.


Yes, I take photos of my mail.


I believe it.


He was made with love too.


Ta da! Here are the three canvas prints I ordered. FABULOUS!


My kids ran off with the cardboard packaging.


Very true.

Hmm, I think I need to show photos of how the prints look on my wall. I’ll put those in the next review! Stay tuned!


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