One Little Word Blog Hop: February in Review

OLWbloghopLOGOI’m taking the One Little Word class by Ali Edwards at Big Picture Classes. It’s a year-round class and you can start anytime. Every month on the 1st you receive your prompt challenge for the month. A group of class participants are using their blogs to share their thoughts on the month’s topic. To see all my posts listed, go to the top menu bar under “Documenting Life” and click on One Little Word.

February. I don’t have a lot to say about the month other than I like that it has a heart. Right in the middle. I like the number 14. I like Love. February needs a little love because in this part of the world, it is a cold and miserable time.

For February, Ali asked us to create vision boards. I was open to the idea. It was bit of a “feel, don’t think” exercise. I grabbed a bunch of magazines I’ve been meaning to give away and cut out anything interesting. Anything that inspired me, moved me, or caused a “aha” without really knowing why. I didn’t think too much about why I was touched by a word or image. I just gathered. I did this shortly after February began as I was eager to reduce, recycle, reuse. I was eager to create. Then I got dragged down by winter. Colds, flus and general moodiness. Yippee yay! Then on the 19th, I sat down with my pile of clippings, a piece of paper, and a glue stick. It all came together pretty quickly.

I made this:


I added a few embellishments on top of the clippings. A silhouette cut out file of the word LOVE by Karla Dudley, a piece of doily, a star, and letter stickers spelling out my one little word “authentic”. I was surprised how well everything flowed together and suited me. I enjoyed the process.

For me, the vision board was a nice add-on to the January challenge of choosing actions for each month of the year. Here’s an image of the cards I did for the January challenge. See the top right card? That is the card I made to represent February. I used Love as a theme for the month with the actions of “trust” and “let your heart be touched”. Did I succeed?


Well, I tried. What I came to realize is that this process isn’t about immediately actualizing the words and actions in our lives. Sure that would be great, but there is a reason we’re striving for these actions in our lives: they aren’t easy to achieve.

I thought about “Love” a lot in the past month. In order to be a happy person, one has to love wholeheartedly. Love themselves, love their families, their neighbours, and their enemies.  I have this idea that I’m a compassionate person. I think I’m full of love. It’s those other people who need to get their act together and live lovingly. They need to start being nicer. THAT attitude is where I’m running into problems.

1. As much as I love to see goodness in the world, I am somewhat drowning in darkness. Over the years I have been overcome by the darkness I perceive in the world (from news events, media, social interaction). It has cast a shadow over my life. A shadow of fear? I need very much to start looking for the light (good) in the midst of darkness (bad).

2. I need to look at the people who anger me and focus on the good. I am really struggling with this right now. I need to look within myself and see the good when sometimes I dwell way too much on past failings, and what I don’t like about myself. I need to stop separating myself from others with thinking it is a “me vs. them” world. How will I do this? Baby steps. First step, I signed up for a meditation class. I am hopeful. Perhaps I will learn to trust myself and in doing so, maybe I’ll be more open to trusting others. Maybe I’ll stop being so angry about all the darkness. I think part of the problem is that we reflect our inner world onto the outer world. You feel love inside = you see love everywhere else. Like Cinderella twirling around with serenading birds and crafty mice. She was full of love and focused on what love she was given, despite being otherwise surrounded by misery. I have a life FULL of blessings but I’m so busy holding onto anger and hurt, that I view the world as a place full of angry people. I need to heal that part of me so that I can instead see all the beauty that truly surrounds me. I deserve it and everyone around me deserves it too.

I think I had other points to make but my mind is in a fog at the moment. It’s been that kind of month.

In conclusion, I’d say the past two months of this project have been very rewarding. I’m looking within, I’m trying to understand, I’m exploring who I am  and who I want to become, and I’m learning. Baby steps that will hopefully lead me to becoming a more fulfilled and happier person.

Next up is Angela’s blog. You came from  Nikki’s blog. To start at the very beginning, go to Lee’s blog. OH, and you might want to check out Kelly’s Blog as well. Her name was accidentally omitted from the hop for this month… she has a very interesting blog full of great design and insight so I definitely suggest you check out her post too.


9 thoughts on “One Little Word Blog Hop: February in Review

  1. Kelly S. says:

    By reading your post, I can really tell that your word for 2013 has taken such presence in your life. You are very real! I, too, sometimes struggle with the darkness in the world and why people seem so angry all the time. I think if everyone scrapbooked, they would see just how happy and blessed they really are! A meditation class sounds great! I know I LOVE my yoga class and the meditation at the end of the practice. I love it so much that I downloaded an album of Tibetan Meditation Bowls. Those darn things put me in “yoga sleep” every time!!! Thanks again for linking my blog in your post! I appreciate it!


  2. Karen DiPasquale says:

    Wow! I hope you’ve read my post today. I’ve been where you are. My family has been torn apart by alcoholism, dementia, pride, jealousy. I refused to give up hope and focused on the GOOD – I mean, I really focused on it – and the change was cataclysmic! Keep your chin up – the sun is still shining behind those dark clouds.


  3. Missus Wookie says:

    Trying to be authentic and find love daily is such an awesome goal. I stopped reading newspapers and watching the news to protect myself from the daily dark detailed grind. Hope you enjoy your meditation – I know my quiet times are essential for my sanity.


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