Old Fogies

So, a little something occurred to me today while brushing my teeth. I was thinking about Japan and whether “generations” occur at the same time across cultures. For example, Generation X. Does Japan have a similar generation? Did it occur at the same time? Did we share that one? The thought came to me  while  I was thinking about my former Japanese co-workers and some of my former Japanese students. There seemed to be a generation gap between them even though, at the time the co-workers were around 28 and the students were in their first year of University.

Those thoughts led me to thinking about Generation X. I’m at the very end of it. Well, according to Wikipedia I’m more in the middle of it but I don’t agree. I find that people more than four years younger than me are definitely Generation Y. I digress. The thought that made me think “wow, I have to blog this” was the realization that we’re old.

Hippies always seem young. Carefree, idealistic, young at heart. I remember as a young teenager realizing that hippies were over-the-hill. It always seemed so odd and unlikely. Yet, there they were with long greying hair and crows feet. Those of course were the ones who stuck to their ideals. The rest, who knows… dress suits and mortgages? I don’t know. Anyway, like the hippy generation, Generation X seems to be one of youth, albeit more jaded and ironic. Now we’re all a bunch of old fogies. Generation X is no longer lost. It has been found and it’s getting old.


2 thoughts on “Old Fogies

  1. Naomi Wittlin says:

    OK, so I guess I was intrigued enough to Google this! I found an article with the headline “Strong Yen is Dividing Generations in Japan” and so I think maybe it’s cultural and national events that end up creating generational divisions. Maybe like the Cold War here or the space shuttle landing on the moon, but combined with coming of age? Just rambling…


    • mellybird says:

      Wow, thanks for expanding on it. Yeah, I think the economy must be a huge factor. When I have a bit of time, I’m going to look into this further. Now my curiosity is piqued.


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