Finding Nemo

Ha, I didn’t realize the winter storm we’re currently experiencing has a name. I just read that its name is Nemo. I had heard a storm was coming. I’d hoped there was a possibility of a snow day. I woke up full of wishful thoughts of not having to go to the bus stop. It didn’t seem to me that enough snow had piled to warrant a snow day. I began to make my daughter’s school snack while waiting for the school bus weather website to load on my iPod. Just then the phone rang. It was my husband letting me know there would be no school. Yahoo!

The other day we’d gone to the library where I got loads of books, a couple cds and a few movies. So, today was the perfect day for some movie viewing. This is why I’m so amused. The movie we chose? Finding Nemo. Too, too funny. I was worried it might be too scary for the kids but they liked it. Me too.

Other highlights from the day? My daughter made skis out of cardboard and tape. I love that kid!



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