One Little Word 2013

I’ve been aware of “One Little Word” for a number of years. OLW is a year long online class by Ali Edwards. You choose a word that reflects what you want for the year. This is the first year I’m taking the class. Around 6 or so years ago, I did choose a word. At the time, I thought of it as more of a mantra word to focus on. The word was “endurance”. I printed it out and stuck it on my office wall at work. I needed that word.

I’ve been a fan of  Ali Edwards for a long time. First in scrapbook magazines, and then online. I admire her writing style and talent for memory keeping and teaching. She seems like a very genuine person. I took her class 31 Things last year. It was one of the best classes I’d ever taken. So, I was really motivated to take her OLW class. Each month there is a different focus on the word we’ve chosen for ourselves.

I had chosen the word “Strength” for 2013. For a number of reasons, I need more strength in my life. I thought it was an appropriate word but I wasn’t feeling very passionate about it. It seemed a bit daunting and overwhelming. I wanted a word with calmness attached and strength felt a bit too cold. I thought maybe I was scared to embrace the challenge inherent in the word. Maybe. Either way, I’d committed to the word and had no intentions of changing it.

Then last night, I wrote a blog post. I talked all about “shoulds”. After I posted it, my husband and I were discussing what I had said as I’m sharing a lot of heartfelt vulnerabilities with the world on this blog. I said it was important to me to be honest about how I feel. I need to be smart about what I choose to say to the world, but I also want to be authentic. Then it hit me. That is my word. Authentic. Strength was my “should” word. I feel so much better about my word now. Authentic is the warm word I wanted. I’m excited about exploring it more. Now I just need to redo my project life cards as that is the medium I’m using to document my OLW.



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