I’m a BzzAgent: Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Campaign

I’ve been a BzzAgent for a year or so. It means I occasionally get asked to sample a product and share my thoughts via social media. Heck ya, I said. I got asked to try out Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration night cream. I was pretty excited about this campaign. My favourite yet!

I wanted to do this campaign because: a) I love Burt’s Bee products b) I have dry skin in the winter and c) I need a good night cream.

I’ve been using the night cream since mid-December. When I first applied it, I thought “woah, this stuff is way too heavy. I’m not going to like it”. I was also unsure of the herb fragrance. It was subtle and didn’t give me a headache but I wasn’t sure I wanted to smell like a spice rack. Within five minutes of applying it, the heavy sensation went away and was replaced with a lovely moisturized feeling. That dry, pulling feeling my skin gets when I don’t moisturize went away. I was relieved to find the cream absorbed so quickly. By morning, I was delighted to feel my skin was softer and smoother. My skin has also been clearer since using the product. I guess because it is more hydrated? I don’t care what the reason it, I’m just thankful. I usually develop dry skin by January. I didn’t have the problem when I started using the cream but using it daily has prevented the usual dry skin rash I develop by New Years. So, yay for that too! Lastly, I have grown to quite like the smell of the product. I even look forward smelling it again every night. So there ya go, my thoughts on an excellent product. I intend to buy it once my sample jar runs out.

Burt’s Bees was also kind enough to give a cleanser to try as well. Yahoo, I’m enjoying that too. Thanks, Burt’s Bees!


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