Things I want to do….

Excuse me… need to drink my coffee before it is unbearably cold… ok, where was I? Right, things I want to do. I need to be an octopus. One arm to snap a photo of my kids being cute, one arm to make a scrabble move on my iPod, one arm to hold my coffee, another arm to plug in my power cord when my battery starts to run low, and two arms to type. Do octopi have large brains? Maybe they don’t multitask. Those arms of theirs must be a bit under utilized. Do they just help them swim faster? Did I spell Octopi right?

So, I have a list of “want to do” things as long as my human arm (not my wishful octopus arm). I don’t get a lot of items checked off my list. Sure I have limited time. Who doesn’t? Mostly, my procrastination is due to not being sure how to approach completion. I want to redo my first floor bathroom. It’s a small room with just a toilet, window and sink. I’d like to add wainscotting and paint it all pretty and whimsical to match a rug I bought last year. I can’t decide what colour for the walls, what artwork to add, or how to even fathom putting up wainscotting. I am at a loss.

Kitchen table, front door… all similar stories.

I have three shadow box frames that need filling. They had scrapbook layouts but I took them out for some reason I forget. I’m thinking I’d like to put a collection in each. So now I have to think up what collection I’d like to showcase. What do I have that is totally eye worthy and spiffy enough?

I have four square collage frames in my living room. There are four photos of my kids in them and the other 12 photos are some random boy who came with the frames. If I don’t get my act together and add photos I’ll have to give the poor kid a name. I can just never decide which photos I want to add.

The list goes on and on and on and on.

You know, I forget what my grand point about all this was going to be. I can’t end this blog post even… see what I mean?


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