I know JUST where it will go!

So, I HAD to try out Nancie Rowe Janitz’s Subway Art Workshop when I saw it in her store at CatScrap. How could I not? I love the subway art style, I love Nancie’s artwork, I have ALWAYS wanted to learn transfer techniques, and I loved the sentiment of the text. It had to be done. So, last week I took my daughter on a trip to the local craft supply store to gather supplies, just in time for their doozie of a sale. Yippee!

I wasn’t able to do the project until this afternoon when I forced myself to face my fears. I get scared when I try new projects. I put my son down for a nap. Gave my preschooler a cookie and told myself to get my butt in gear.

Where to start? Step One: Be Prepared. Step Two: Think you’re prepared? Think again. I printed off the artwork. I sent it from my computer to my husband’s printer but the cat got to the printer before I did. She swatted the paper until it jammed. A pain but no problem, right? Well, somehow in that jam I missed a page and skipped an important step… uh, painting the canvas!!! Ooops! So I cheated…  shhh, don’t tell! My 3 year old daughter helped me with some gesso fun! It was after I applied my print outs that I realized my missing step. I would have cared more but I was on a mission to be “chill” about such things. After supper, my husband bathed the kids while I frantically ran around the house raving about my missing spray bottle. Where DID it GO? I gave up on finding that and thought I’d use the bottle I kept from the hospital when I had my son (if you have to ask why they gave it to me, I’m not telling). I spent more time raving about not being able to find THAT bottle too. It was under the kitchen sink. I don’t know why. So I got down to the task of revealing the transfer and I WAS IN INSTANT LOVE. So super fabulous!

Now I had to remind myself to be gentle with the paper removal. I have always had a very heavy hand in artwork. Digital art is good for me because I can’t smudge, smear, tear and destroy art that was looking oh-so-fine until I took it a step too far. So, I was very nervous I’d screw up this project too. Well, sure I did rub some parts off more than I’d like but overall, I think I did a good job. I added some distressing ink and called it a day. I have this blank spot next to my computer monitor that I’ve been wondering how to fill and this project is PERFECT for that space. Now I can be continually inspired by the words and art of Nancie. I’ll use this technique again and again for sure. Thanks Nancie!

One reason I am really thrilled to have done this project is that I have wanted to get more into my hands-on artwork again. I want to learn mixed media. This felt like a great introduction into that world. When I was a pre-teen I was given a beautiful book on art methods. There was a section on image transfers. I wanted to learn how to do it so badly. I tried and it was feeble. I tried again and then I never tried again. I don’t think the instructions were in depth or very good. It only took me nearly 30 years to try again. Unlike that book, Nancie’s instruction is detailed, simple to follow, and even relaxing. Made me pine for Bob Ross a bit. Ok, maybe not but I did enjoy her instructional style.

Additional information:
soundtrack while working on project: Christmas playlist on random shuffle with the occasional miscategorized Barenaked Ladies song.


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