A little more love for Nancie Rowe Janitz

A while back… ok, nearly a year ago, I oohed and aahed over how much I love Nancie’s brushes, overlays, and designs in general. She is a fabulously talented artist, designer, instructor, and person. I like her.

Well, I’ve been trying out her Mixed.3 Madness photoshop series workshop. It’s a 16 page pdf with step-by-step instructions (with some of her hard learned secrets) on using her media backgrounds with her masks and brushes. She even includes some brushes and masks (and maybe more??? hint hint)… that alone is worth the generously low price.

I really could have used this workshop when I was first getting into digital scrapbooking. I was so overwhelmed and question marks were constantly flying through my mind as I struggled to figure out how all these cool effects on layouts were created. If only I’d known of Nancie then. If only her workshop had been available.

So what do you get from this?
– Instruction in Photoshop. She is very clear in her instructions so even beginners can follow along. A great way to learn more about Photoshop. If you’re more advanced then you’ll love the workshop too because it will show you new techniques.
– high-quality products she’s included
– an end product you can feel really proud and excited about… gorgeous photo treatments, and your own custom-blended papers. It is pretty cool to be able to customize your papers by learning to blend her overlays together. And might I add, the quality and detail of the texture is quite incredible.

Here are some of my photo treatments that I made while following along with her workshop.

Here is Nancie’s workshop. Click on it to see it in her store.

Oh, and just so you know, Nancie didn’t put me up to this… I am one of her biggest fans and I want all of you out there in digi-land to find out just how great she is and how you can take your scrapbooking to the next level.

Thanks for reading!


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