Supporting a good cause that is close to my heart

I was deeply saddened by the earthquakes and tsunamis that took place in Japan on March 11, 2011. So much destruction and loss of life. I was more upset about this particular disaster because I have a personal connection to Japan. I spent 1999 and some of 2000 living in Ehime (Shikoku) and Yamaguchi (Honshu) prefectures. At the time I was taking a class at and many of the students were equally concerned about the people of Japan. We decided to put our efforts together to design a digital scrapbook kit. We created a kit called Kimono and it is now on sale at ALL proceeds of the sales will go to the Red Cross to victims of the earthquakes and tsunamis.

Here is the Kimono kit (on sale at

Many of the students have also prepared a blog hop for your viewing and downloading pleasure. Please feel free to download our quick pages to use in your own scrapbooking albums. Feel free to use them as is or change them as you see fit. If you post in any forums or submit to magazines please credit the Kimono kit AND the quick page designer. Enjoy!!!

Here is my quick page: 

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