New52: Week 12 – Goodbye Alyssa, Hello Seitan!

So I wandered on over to One Little Bird Design’s blog and decided to participate in her New52 project. Every week you try new things and then document them in some form. Check out her blog and you’ll see what I’m getting at. She does a better job of explaining and her posts are very entertaining. Oh, did I mention I got to be on her creative team as a guest member for February? It was really an honour… I keep meaning to post about it… and show my layouts. It’s coming…
In the meantime, I will tell you what her post inspired me to do today. I got two big boxes out of the basement and spent my son’s naptime sorting through the contents with my 3-year-old daughter. She had a blast with all the crap I’ve collected over the years. Why is this “new”sworthy? HA… sorry, couldn’t help myself!
1.Well, I’ve been putting off this task for nearly three years since we moved here. Before that, all the crap was in various places piling up for years and years and possibly eons.
2. I FINALLY threw out a bunch of stuff I’ve held onto since I was in grade school. I mean, really, do I need 30 BOP posters of Alyssa Milano from when I was 10? Uh, I haven’t even respected her since I was 12! HAAA! I admit it was hard throwing out the page with Ricky Schroder on it… I mean, er, uh, THE RICKER!!! Now him I respect.
3. I got a HUGE, FANFLIPPIN’TASTIC reward for doing this task. I FOUND one of my MOST prized possessions I thought I’d LOST FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, it is worth all those points of exclamation. I found photos of my grandparents from when they were dating. I was heartbroken thinking I’d lost them. YAY!!!!!!!!

Well, I was so jazzed (I’m grinning because I just typed “jazzed”) I dressed up as Liza Minnelli and performed a showtune in head to toe sequins. No, I didn’t. I was so jazzed I decided to make Seitan from scratch. That’s just nuts!!! Actually it is flour. Wheat gluten to be exact. Have you ever made Seitan before? Don’t. Well, you can if you want but it makes a mess, takes some elbow grease, and an hour of your life will pass by. You basically knead dough in water until the water is clear. Then you slow cook it in a broth for 6 hours. Then you let it cool. Then you use it in a recipe. Then you eat it. Then you digest it… and so on. Then you begin the whole process again when you have an hour to waste. Something like that. I didn’t get pictures of this. Flour was everywhere. Water was everywhere. I’m a messy cook.

I can’t remember what else I wanted to say so I’ll end here. Thanks for reading!Oh, and last Saturday I took my son for his first hair cut. He got freaked out by the scissors so the hairdresser wouldn’t cut his hair. Totally understandable! It wasn’t a waste of a trip to the mall. I got some new glasses finally. I asked the sales person for help because I am horrible for choosing flattering frames (not to mention I can’t see when I’m trying on pairs). I trusted her and I like what I’m now wearing. YAY, gotta love glasses in an hour! Got some sunglasses too!



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