Nancie Rowe Janitz rocks!!!

Heh, how’s that for a blog heading? Really though, she does. She is an artist. Designs scrapbook paper, fabric, and sells her beautiful digital wares over at CatScrap. I am especially in love with her photoshop brushes. I use them again and again and again. Right now she has released some LOVELY overlays. I know, you’re going “overlays, wha???”. They are awesome. They are grayscale 12×12 files that you open in photoshop. You add a solid colour and play around with your blending modes and before you know it you have your very own unique digital scrapbook paper. You can take several overlays and place them on separate layers and make some pretty funky designs. Still confused? Well, Nancie has a very easy to follow tutorial on her blog: . I recommend you ditch my blog and head over to hers right this very moment.
Here is a layout I did using three of her overlays:
Here are some of my layouts that have used her products:

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