Been Busy….

Well, I’ve been busy. I had a baby. I moved. Life is full of surprises at every turn. I find myself writing letters and journal entries in my head throughout the day. I rarely take the time to write my thoughts down before they drift away. When I finally sit down to write I can’t remember what I had to say and no new inspiration finds me. So, I’ve decided the only way back into my brain is blogging. I need to extract some thoughts. I think I’ll call this thought mining. Has that term already been coined? Feels new to me.

10 Random Facts about me at 11:26pm on a Saturday night in May of 2009:
1. I ate a dill pickle tonight. It made my tummy hurt. I can’t prove the ache is pickle related but it will take the blame.
2. I need to cut my toenails. 
3. I have so little will power when it comes to giving up drinking Coca Cola. It is pathetic.
4. I love things that sparkle. 
5. I hate buzzing noises and the sound of electricity.
6. I’m really good at guessing the plot developments on TV shows… it is almost spooky really. My husband will attest to that.
7. My love of brackets and ellipses in my writing was inspired by years of reading Sassy magazine. 
8. I find it hard to concentrate with the dance music blaring from the neighbour’s bonfire party.
9. Barbapapa holds a special place in my heart.
10. I need to lose weight.
Ok, since I’m out of practice that lightweight exercise wore me out. Wish me luck…maybe I’ll write something meaningful next time. I know I have lots to say.

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