Wild Turkeys, the whole bunch of them!

Last Saturday, I attended a family reunion in Vittoria, Ontario. This tiny little town (if it is large enough to call a town) was settled by my ancestors. They were originally from France. As Huguenots, they left France for the Netherlands. Then they moved to New York. That was great and all until that whole revolution thing. As United Empire Loyalists they made a wise decision and moved to New Brunswick and made their way down to Ontario where they settled the area. Centuries later, I sit here writing. I’ll post a more in-depth blog entry about this when I feel like it.

Anyway, Vittoria is near Turkey Point which is near Long Point. As we were driving around the scenic area, we had several run-ins with wild Turkeys running amok. Very amusing. Now I understand why the point is named after these creatures.

I found Long Point to be noteworthy. Well, aspects of it anyway. There are these beautiful marshes. Lovely! And true to its name, the point is long.

That’s all for now. My posts lack lustre. Hopefully that will change soon. 🙂


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