Yeah, so the Doctor forgot to tell me I had Mono

It’s true. Seriously. Late in the Summer I went to the doctor about my lack of energy, constant sleepiness, and tonsilitis. This has been an ongoing problem for me. The doctor ordered a blood test for mono. The policy is that the doctor’s office will call you if something if the results test positive. I never heard back. I even revisited the doctor again with the same symptoms a few times in the months ahead. The mono was never mentioned.

I visited the doctor a couple weeks ago. I dealt with a different doctor. After I told her my symptoms she checked my chart on the computer and made a comment about my having had mono last fall. I interrupted her with a “WHAAA?? I had WHAT?” She said “you tested positive for Mono”. I said “I did? No one ever told me that!”
She look horrified and said she was sorry no one had told me and quickly rescheduled a new blood test for mono.

And have I heard back from this doctor’s office regarding the results? Um, no. So, I must go make another phone call to see what the deal is. Turns out I should have been in bed for at least a month! No WONDER I felt so horrible all winter! No WONDER I had the flu, bronchitis, AND pnuemonia! I’m pissed off.

Thanks for listening!


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