The World: Completion of a Fool’s Journey

SUGOI!!!!!! I did my happy dance last night. The team I was rooting for on Amazing Race 9 WON the last leg of the race! They won a million dollars!!!! Omedeto Tyler!! Omedeto BJ!! I am thrilled!

This team began their journey with an unconventional attitude and great enthusiasm. In my opinion they have won so much more than just a million dollars. Although, that is a pretty decent reward! Ha! I mentioned in a previous post that their journey reminds me of the fool’s journey in tarot. They go through the game enjoying themselves and living in the moment. They’ve overcome obstables and gained knowledge and experience. Finally, they complete their journey. In Tarot, this is represented by “The World” card. How fitting to this game. “The World” signifies completion, achievement, travel, and improvements in one’s lifestyle.

What a Wonderful World this can be!


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