Beep Beep

Okay, the beep beep title has little to do with this post. Something in the hallway is beeping and it distracted me from my thought process when deciding on a title. So, “beep beep” is it.

I had a lovely weekend. I went shopping near Frankenmuth, Michigan with my fiance. The weather was crummy. Which was good because who wants to shop indoors on a beautiful spring weekend. I got some clothing for my honeymoon and a lovely crochet purse for $7. Yay, pretty purse!!! I also bought travel scrabble and some books at Borders. I’m most excited about the autobiography of Tori Amos. I’ve wanted to buy the book for over a year. Move over DaVinci Code. Tori has been saying similar stuff for years! Oh, and the big deal was an Ott-lite lamp for $69. Over half price off! I haven’t seen these lamps in Canada. They’re great because the light bulb gives off a more natural light similar to the outdoors. We also made sure to check out the local grocery store to see what products we’re missing out on in Canada. I ended up with a super cool holographic belt that has travel slogans and famous landmarks all over it. When I walk, the picture changes. My favourite parts of the belt include a Polaroid of the Eiffel tower and a selection of Matreshka dolls. Very cool!


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