A storm is a-brewin’

(*note: The photo isn’t from today and I didn’t take it but this IS one of the trees I admired on my walk. I’d take a photo but my camera is at home.)

Lots o’ rain today. I love humid, rainy weather. The rain was my lullaby last night. Unfortunately I can’t sleep with music in the background. So, I’m peacefully sleepy today.

As I was returning to my building from Weldon Library an hour ago, I admired the blossoming trees on campus. Western’s colours are Purple and White so the grounds are filled with trees which blossom in white or various shades of purple. There are few things I love more than the smell of purple or white blossoms. Especially Lilac. I’m in love with the smell. I’d like to marry it. If i was Eygptian I’d have it buried with me.

So, I’m walking along and enjoying the sights and smells when I notice the dark sky. Oooh, more rain? Yay! Rain is sexy. Rain is comforting. Rain begins to fall. Heavily. With no spitting, or drizzling, or sprinkling. No, just a big sky-bucket full of watery goodness. Of course, I run to my building for shelter. Only because I didn’t want my documents from the library to get wet.

A co-worker stood in the doorway as I entered and asked “Oh, is it raining?” Oh, what a funny man! Heh. He mentioned that he doesn’t mind rain as long as it is warm. He hates the November rain. I agreed and called it “dreary ice darts”. He liked that. I feel clever.

Now I’m back in my office. I wish I had a window. Sigh.


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