Other Highlights from the Winter

Well, first off, I must say that I hate the winter season. I need sunlight. I need to feel connected to nature. At first I enjoy hibernation. Soon, it becomes a drag. I literally drag. I drag my sorry bottom out of bed. I drag myself to work. I drag my fingers across my keyboard. I drag my lazy legs down the hallway to the lunch room. I drag my weary body back home. I drag myself to bed. A true drag! My solution? A light box. If you position the light towards your face your eyes absorb the light so desperately needed for chemical brain happiness. Did it work? Well, sorta.

Luckily, I survived yet another winter and now it is SPRING!

Highlights of the Winter include:
My boyfriend became an uncle for the very first time
Attended the Barenaked Ladies Christmas & Hannukah Concert (Aaron Walpole showed up on stage!)
Saw Annie Musical at the Grand Theatre
Went to Calgary right after Christmas
Went to Disney World and got engaged
Had two weeks off of work due to pneumonia
My sister gave birth to her second daughter
A car turned left into oncoming traffic in front of me and my mother. We smashed into it. My mom’s car was totalled. We’re ok but I’m still freaked out when I’m in a car.
Saw Rock & Roll musical at the Grand Theatre (starring Aaron Walpole!!!!!)


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