At One with Nature

I’m not a religious person. However, I do believe that humans have a limited scope of the universe’s reality. Therefore, I do believe in a power larger than myself. A power larger than anything my little brain can comprehend.

I am selfish enough to think that sometimes there are little signs in daily life that are meant just for me.

Today, I think I needed to see the “bigger” picture and so the universe showed me some of its highlights. I got off the bus and began the walk up the hill towards my workplace. A healthy looking robin greeted me from his branch on the tree to my left. Ahead on top of a short street lamp a very plump hawk was perched. How rare of a morning greeting is that? How auspicious! I slowed down to admire the presence and beauty of such a creature. I don’t recall ever being so close to a live hawk before. I slowly crept closer and she flew to the grassy lawn on the right. I was lucky enough to see her full wing span. Again I got closer and she flew to 2 more locations before flying back to her trees. In the field towards her home I saw a groundhog frolicing around. I love groundhogs. Especially when they’re warm and fuzzy.

Thanks universe for letting me see some of your beauty!


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