The Art of War

Last week is over. Thank goodness! No one ever said the truth wasn’t painful. I’d rather know the truth than be led through the world blindfolded. Now I can see the beauty where it belongs, and steer away from the dangers that were previously hidden from view.

This week I will make peace with my new outlook.

As Sun Tzu once said:

Knowing the other and knowing oneself,
in one hundred battles no danger
Not knowing the other, knowing oneself,
One victory, one loss
Not knowing the other and not knowing oneself,
in every battle certain defeat.
– the Art of War

I am disappointed to find out who my enemies are but value the new found knowledge. They are fools for underestimating my intelligence and inner strength. I might seem timid, mild, and insecure at the best of times but I like myself and know myself well. I’m just not good at promoting myself to others. This sometimes puts me in the shadows. That doesn’t mean I’m not intelligent or talented. I’m just overlooked and others don’t always notice my strengths.

I will work on making it clear that I am quite capable and strong. How else will I survive?


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