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I just like the sound of that word. Blog. Makes me feel like a frog. Or some kind of aquatic creature. Now the idea of blogging is nothing new, but is the name? I’ve only become familiar with the word “blog” in the last year or so.

I’ve been distressed by my lack of writing over the past few years. I experience things that I’d like to remember but I end up telling them to my family & friends over the phone or on an email. I don’t touch my diary anymore. Maybe blogging is the answer. Let’s find out!

So, I’ll make an entry whenever I have something to share. Nothing more. Nothing less. Maybe I’ll talk about a dream I had, a book I read, or a hope I’d like to realize.

If you’re wondering about why I chose “Tapping the dream tree” as the name for my blog journal it is really quite simple. It comes from the title of a Charles DeLint book. He’s my favourite author. Check him out! Anyone who can come up with some catchy title like that deserves to be read, dontcha think? I like the idea of dreams being some tangible substance that flows through living beings.

Cya on the flip side! Ok, that doesn’t really apply to anything but I’ve always wanted to say that.


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